Sandra and Grant

go to…

San Diego


Sunday, March 24, 2002: Grant and Sandra arrive in San Diego, immediately head for Hua Mei at the Zoo after stopping at the hotel.


Monday, March 25, 2002: Grant and Sandra go to the Wild Animal Park in Escondido


Tuesday, March 26, 2002: Grant and Sandra go to Tijuana, Mexico

  • Grant opted for the Glewwes not to take their cameras with them
  • On the way back to the United States, we encountered a huge line waiting for U.S. Customs.  We thought they were lines for tour buses and walked up next to it.  Customs security told us we needed to get in the pedestrian line, or alternately, we could rent bikes and ride across.  Five dollars each put us on a pair of bikes, and we whisked across the border in about five minutes.  This probably saved us more than an hour!  Very exciting!


Wednesday, March 27, 2002: Grant and Sandra go to Mission San Diego, a whale watching tour, a tapas bar, a cybercafe, and shopping in Horton Plaza

  • Mission San Diego
  • Whale Watching


Thursday, March 28, 2002: Grant and Sandra go to Balboa Park, Cabrillo Monument, Seaworld, and finish the day with a pedicab ride, tapas, and an Irish bar with live music

  • Balboa Park
  • Cabrillo Monument Park on Point Loma is home to an old lighthouse and the statue of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo
  • At Seaworld, we watched the Shamu adventure – watch the Highlights (Windows movie – 17 MB – 10 minutes long)
  • We also got to interact with some dolphins (Windows movie – 4 MB)
  •   After returning to our hotel from Seaworld, we called up a pedicab company and they sent over Sean, a UCSD student working his way through college as a cab driver of another sort.  He gave us a 45 minute tour for $25 and dropped us off at our chosen dinner location.
  • Our dining choice for the evening was Sevilla in the Gaslamp Quarter. Sevilla offers a full tapas menu and a happy hour from 5 to 7.  We sat in the bar tonight drinking sangria and munching on croquetas de pollo, albondigas al Juarez, Queso Fundido, spicy almonds, and our favorite – the tortilla Espanola.  We spent an hour and a quarter chatting, drinking and munching before deciding to leave.  Sandra was ready to head home, but the sounds of a jig from across the street lured us into a small Irish bar.  We settled into a table right by the band with bar stools.  Sandra sat while I stood; we enjoyed two pints of cider, a snakebite, two pints of Guinness and a Boddingtons while we listened to the music of “The Raggle-Taggles.”  As I went to pay the tab at about 8:15, I was presented with a bill for only three dollars.  I pointed out the error to the barman, and he said he had put all my drinks on another man’s tab who had already paid.  Slainte!  Cheapest six pints I have ever had!  We walked the three blocks back to the hotel, and Sandra was asleep by 9:05 with me following soon after.  A lovely end to our vacation in San Diego.


Friday, March 29, 2002: Grant and Sandra return to the Inez Grant Parker Rose Garden in Balboa Park, the Zoo, and the Japanese Friendship Garden before leaving for the airport.

  • Rose Garden
  • Zoo
  • Japanese Friendship Garden